Roku Wireless Speakers: Enhance Your Sound Experience

roku wireless speakers
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Make your sound experience better with Roku Wireless Speakers. They’re great for improving the sound of your Roku TV™. Or for creating a surround sound system in your Roku home theater. You’ll get high-quality sound that fills the room. The dialogues are super clear, and the bass is strong.

Connecting the speakers to your Roku devices is a breeze thanks to the wireless setup. You can also stream music from any device via Bluetooth. With Roku Wireless Speakers, setting up your home theater just how you like it is easy.

See the difference Roku Wireless Speakers can make in your home entertainment. Start improving your sound today!

Key Takeaways:

  • Roku Wireless Speakers provide premium audio quality for your Roku TV and home theater system.
  • Enjoy room-filling sound, crystal clear dialogue, and powerful bass with Roku Wireless Speakers.
  • Wireless setup and Bluetooth music streaming make it easy to connect and enjoy your favorite music.
  • Build your own home theater system by combining Roku Wireless Speakers with other Roku audio products.
  • Upgrade your sound experience and transform your home entertainment with Roku Wireless Speakers.

Premium Sound for Your Roku TV™

Roku Wireless Speakers give your Roku TV premium sound. They are designed to deliver full, clear sound perfectly synchronized with your video. You will hear high frequencies and dynamic bass, making your TV shows and movies come alive. The speakers make dialogues clear, level the volume, and have a night mode for better sound. Plus, setting them up is wireless and simple, with no cables needed.

Enhanced Sound Quality

With Roku Wireless Speakers, you get premium sound like never before. These speakers bring rich, deep audio that enhances your entertainment. Enjoy crystal-clear dialogue and powerful bass. Every sound detail is perfectly captured.

Seamless Audio/Video Sync

Don’t worry about audio and video being out of sync. Roku Wireless Speakers are made to keep the sound in perfect harmony with what’s on your Roku TV. This sync makes your viewing experience more immersive and engaging.

“The premium sound quality of Roku Wireless Speakers truly elevates the overall entertainment experience. It’s like having a mini theater in your living room!” – Jane, Roku user

Speech Clarity

Roku Wireless Speakers make dialogues clear and easy to understand. They are optimized for speech clarity. This means no more struggling to hear what’s being said in movies and TV shows. Every word comes through crisp and clear.

Volume Leveling and Night Mode

Roku Wireless Speakers have great features like volume leveling and night mode. Volume leveling keeps the sound even, avoiding sudden loud sounds during commercials or action scenes. Night mode quietly manages loud noises so you can watch at night without disturbing others.

Wireless and Hassle-Free Setup

Forget about messy cables. Roku Wireless Speakers connect wirelessly, making setup a breeze. Just plug in the speakers, follow the screen instructions, and start enjoying premium sound easily.

Multiple Speaker Placement Options

You can place Roku Wireless Speakers wherever you want. Put them on a shelf, hang them on the wall, or set them on stands. This lets you get the best sound in your room, according to your preference.

Immersive Surround Sound for Your Roku Home Theater

Create an amazing surround sound in your Roku home theater with Roku Wireless Speakers. By using multiple speakers together, you get a complete surround sound setup. These speakers blend to provide amazing stereo sound and improve the audio for movies, TV shows, and games.

Roku Wireless Speakers turn your living room into a cinema-like audio place. The sound surrounds you, making everything feel more real. Whether it’s an exciting action scene or a soft conversation, the sound makes your experience better.

Wide Stereo Imaging for a Realistic Soundstage

Roku Wireless Speakers spread the sound across the room, making it feel real. No matter where you are in the room, the audio is always balanced and immersive. This makes you feel like you are part of the action.

With these speakers, it’s like sounds come from every direction. This adds depth and makes audio feel real and alive. Imagine feeling like you’re in the middle of a chase, an explosion, or a live concert.

Optimal Sound Placement with Easy Mounting Options

When setting up your Roku speakers, placing them right is key for great sound. Roku Wireless Speakers make mounting easy, letting you put them wherever they sound best.

You can hang them on walls or set them on stands. This lets you find the perfect spot for the best sound. This way, the sound hits your ears just right, making your experience even more immersive.

Wireless Connectivity for a Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up Roku Wireless Speakers is fast and easy. They connect wirelessly, so there’s no need for cables or complicated wiring. Just turn them on, connect to your Roku, and enjoy great sound.

This wireless setup saves time and lets you place the speakers perfectly in your room. Without wires, you can set up an ideal surround sound easily.

Roku Wireless Speakers Features

Features Description
Immersive Surround Sound The speakers work in harmony to create an immersive surround sound experience.
Wide Stereo Imaging Delivers realistic soundstage and consistent audio throughout the room.
Easy Mounting Options Allows for optimal sound placement with flexible mounting on walls or speaker stands.
Wireless Connectivity Hassle-free setup without the need for additional cables or complicated wiring.

Crisp, Clear Dialogue & Quiets Loud Commercials

Enjoying your favorite shows and movies means hearing every word clearly. Roku Wireless Speakers make sure you catch every line. They improve your sound experience, making dialogues crisp.

These speakers are built to make sure you hear every conversation clearly. Enjoy dramatic speeches and quick chats without missing a word.

Commercials that blast louder than your show are annoying. Roku Wireless Speakers fix that with a feature that evens out the volume. No more loud commercial surprises!

“The Roku Wireless Speakers have truly elevated my TV watching experience. The dialogue is so clear and natural, and the volume leveling feature has saved me from countless annoying commercials. I can finally enjoy my shows without constantly reaching for the remote!” – Sarah, Roku Wireless Speakers user

Roku Wireless Speakers let you enjoy shows fully. They enhance the sound from quiet whispers to big explosions. No more missing dialogue or jumping at loud commercials.

Get Roku Wireless Speakers for better sound in your shows and movies. Enjoy clear dialogue and even volume during commercials. It’s time to boost your viewing pleasure.

Simple, Wireless Setup

Setting up Roku Wireless Speakers is so easy. You don’t need complex wiring. Just connect the speakers to your Roku TV or Roku home theater wirelessly.

Just plug the speakers into a power outlet and pair them with your device wirelessly. This easy process saves your time, letting you enjoy great sound immediately.

Setting up your Roku Wireless Speakers, whether it’s your first time or adding to your system, is simple. You’ll have your new speakers ready quickly with just a few steps.

“The wireless setup for the Roku Wireless Speakers is incredibly convenient. I connected them to my Roku TV quickly, and the sound quality is amazing!” – Sarah, a user of Roku Wireless Speakers

Say goodbye to tangled wires and complicated setups with these wireless speakers. They work well with your Roku devices, making your audio experience easy.

The wireless link ensures your Roku TV or Roku home theater and the speakers stay connected well. So, you get non-stop sound and easy control.

simple wireless setup

Everyone finds Roku Wireless Speakers easy to set up, whether you love technology or use it casually. Forget the struggles of wired setups and enjoy wireless sound conveniently.

Key steps for setting up Roku Wireless Speakers:

  1. Plug the speakers into power with the power cords you get.
  2. Go to the audio settings on your Roku TV or Roku home theater.
  3. Choose to add new speakers or devices.
  4. Follow what you see on screen to wirelessly connect the speakers with your Roku.
  5. Once connected, pick your preferred speaker settings like volume and sound modes.
  6. Now enjoy the amazing sound and immersive audio from your Roku Wireless Speakers.

The easy setup of Roku Wireless Speakers means anyone can have top-notch sound. It doesn’t matter if you love movies, music, or games. Setting everything up is straightforward. So, you can dive right into enjoying awesome sound.

Bluetooth® Music Streaming

Roku Wireless Speakers let you stream music easily. This way, you can listen to your favorite songs from popular streaming services or your Bluetooth device. Enjoy vibrant, high-quality sound whether you’re chilling at home or having a party.

The speakers are made for top-notch sound. They produce clear highs and keep the volume smooth. This means every note and beat of your favorite songs fill the room. Dive into the music you love with streaming that feels new and exciting.

Benefits of Bluetooth Music Streaming

  • Conveniently stream music directly from your favorite streaming channels.
  • Easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to enjoy personalized playlists.
  • Experience enhanced audio quality with clear highs and powerful sound.
  • Freedom to move around and control your music from a distance.
  • Perfect for parties, gatherings, or simply enjoying music in any room of your home.

If you love music or just like having tunes around, Roku Wireless Speakers are great. They make streaming music through Bluetooth easy and fun.

What to Know Before You Buy

Before you decide to buy, know that Roku Wireless Speakers need specific devices to work. They’re made for Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, or Roku Smart Soundbar. This ensures they perform well and integrate smoothly. But, they won’t work with other TVs, sound systems, or Roku streaming players.

If you have a Roku audio device or are thinking of getting more, you’re in luck. Roku Wireless Speakers can join with other Roku audio devices. This creates a powerful surround sound setup. You can customize your home theater to suit your likes, improving how you listen to sounds.

Roku cares about their customers and offers free shipping on Roku Wireless Speakers. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try the speakers at home with no risk. It helps you make a better decision about buying them.

Keep in mind the compatibility needs, the chance to mix Roku audio devices, and Roku’s great offers. With Roku Wireless Speakers, your sound system gets a major boost. You’ll come closer to having the best home theater setup.

Compatibility Supported Devices
Roku Wireless Speakers Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, Roku Smart Soundbar
Not Compatible With Other TVs, sound systems, Roku streaming players

Build Your Own Home Theater

With Roku Wireless Speakers, creating your own home theater system is flexible. By combining Roku devices like the Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, and Roku Wireless Subwoofer, you can create rich, full surround sound. This lets you tailor your setup to your liking for a top-notch sound experience.

Imagine turning your living room into a movie theater. Roku Wireless Speakers let you feel the thrill of the cinema at home. Whether it’s the latest hit movie or a favorite TV show, Roku’s sound takes you to another place.

These speakers deliver great sound and work seamlessly with Roku devices. With one remote or the Roku mobile app, controlling your system is easy. No more dealing with many remotes or complex setups.

Customize Your Sound

Building a home theater with Roku Wireless Speakers lets you tailor your sound. Each Roku audio product has unique features, so you can set up your sound the way you like it.

If you love deep bass, add the Roku Wireless Subwoofer to your setup. It adds powerful bass that brings action scenes to life. You’ll feel every boom and shake.

For clear dialogue and immersive sound, try Roku Wireless Speakers with a Roku Streambar or Pro. These devices improve your TV’s audio, making your shows and movies sound fantastic. You’ll be wrapped in a rich audio landscape.

Create the Ultimate Entertainment Hub

Creating a home theater with Roku Wireless Speakers does more than upgrade your sound. It turns your space into the ultimate spot for entertainment. Stream movies, TV shows, and music from various sources. You’ll never run out of things to watch or listen to.

This setup is perfect for movie nights or solo evenings. Your Roku system brings an unforgettable sound experience. Plus, the wireless speakers mean no mess and easy setup. You can jump into enjoying what you love faster.

With Roku Wireless Speakers, your dream home theater is within reach. Enhance your audio, customize your setup, and make a space that competes with real cinemas. Get ready for an outstanding movie-watching experience that will impress you.

build your own home theater

Booming Bass

Looking to improve your audio experience? The Roku Wireless Speakers and Subwoofer will make your bass boom. With the Roku TV’s subwoofer, you get deep bass. It enhances movies, TV shows, and music.

The Roku Subwoofer makes low notes resonate through your body. This creates an immersive sound. It’s perfect for action movies or music with strong bass.

Roku’s speakers and subwoofer work great together. They produce everything from clear highs to deep lows. The bass adds depth, making you feel part of the action.

The Roku Subwoofer is compact and stylish. It fits well in any room and uses wireless tech. Just connect it to your Roku TV for booming bass.

Get powerful bass with Roku Speakers and Subwoofer. They’ll take your audio to new heights. Dive into a world of amazing sound.

Benefits of Roku Wireless Speakers with the Roku Wireless Subwoofer:

  • Enhanced bass for a more immersive audio experience
  • Deep, rumbling low notes that you can feel
  • Full range of sound, from crystal-clear highs to earth-shaking lows
  • Seamless integration and wireless connectivity
  • Compact and stylish design

Customer Reviews:

“The Roku Speakers and Subwoofer changed my home theater. The bass is amazing. It brings excitement to movies!” – Sarah W.

Features Roku Wireless Speakers Roku Wireless Subwoofer
Bluetooth Music Streaming
Wireless Setup
Compatibility Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, Roku Smart Soundbar Roku TV
Price $149.99 $179.99


Roku Wireless Speakers are made to improve your sound experience. They bring you premium audio quality. With benefits like clear dialogue, no wires, and Bluetooth music streaming, it’s easy to see why.

You can even create your own home theater system. These speakers make watching TV shows, movies, or listening to music better. They give you immersive sound that makes entertainment come to life.

Upgrade your sound today. Make your home entertainment better with Roku Wireless Speakers.


What devices are compatible with Roku Wireless Speakers?

Roku Wireless Speakers work with Roku TV and Roku audio products. This includes the Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, and Roku Smart Soundbar.

Can I use Roku Wireless Speakers with other TVs or sound systems?

No, they only work with Roku TV and specific Roku audio models. These are the Streambar, Streambar Pro, and Smart Soundbar.

Can I combine Roku Wireless Speakers with other Roku audio products?

Yes, you can link them with other Roku audio gear. This creates an awesome surround sound setup.

Can I mount Roku Wireless Speakers on walls or speaker stands?

Yes, mounting them on walls or stands is easy. This ensures the best sound experience.

How do I set up Roku Wireless Speakers?

It’s simple to set them up. Just connect them to power and pair with your Roku device wirelessly.

Can I stream music via Bluetooth with Roku Wireless Speakers?

Yes, they support Bluetooth streaming. Play tunes from streaming services or Bluetooth devices.

Do Roku Wireless Speakers come with a warranty?

Roku provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. That includes free shipping for all orders, ensuring customer happiness.

Can Roku Wireless Speakers enhance the bass in my audio setup?

Yes, pair them with the Roku Wireless Subwoofer. You’ll get a deeper, more powerful bass for your sound system.

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