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MySpeakerRepair is a simple online tool that assists in removing water from your phone’s speakers after accidental submersion. With this user-friendly tool, you can quickly address the issue and prevent any long-term damage to your device’s speakers.

Fix my speaker creator story

Fix my speaker dust firtly created by Joseph Maxim , a software developer based in Toronto, Canada. “I enjoy solving complex problems using computer programming and I love making things online.” ~ Joseph

Fix My Speakers web app was born out of my personal need. I love to listen to music while showering and I never thought twice about bringing my iPhone into the bathroom, thanks to its water resistent feature. But I soon realized that this wasn’t the case for my speakers.

When water seeped in, the sound quality became distorted and muffled, and it took ages for the speakers to dry out. It’s important to note that allowing water to dry in any electronic device is not recommended, especially at even the smallest voltage.

Frustrated with this problem, I began searching for a solution and eventually came up with the idea of creating a platform where others like me could fix their water-damaged speakers.